• Are you ready to eliminate distractions?
  • Is it time for you to take charge of your emotional, mental, and physical life?
  • Do you desire more time, wealth, health, and happiness?
  • Are you called to leadership and serving the world in a greater capacity?


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Science has shown that approximately 95% of your mind automatically controls your results … and you are not even aware of it.  If you do not know how to TRAIN YOUR THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS, you are not in control of your desired results in life.


Michele trains clients through a proprietary strategy on how to break free of distractions and perceived limitations so they can create more FREEDOM in all areas of life…..more health, wealth, relationships, joy, self-expression etc.


Through her dynamic coaching programs, she integrates success psychology, mindfulness, and results-based mental
coaching tools including her 3-step Achievement Formula™ while working with clients to create higher performance,  fulfillment, & alignment. This proprietary technique helps you:


  • Eliminate limiting paradigms, habits, thoughts, belief systems, and distractions holding you back
  • Recondition and heal your mental and emotional habits, and
  • Take Inspired Action to FINALLY create what it is you truly desire in any area you are aiming.


There is a saying that states….“How we do ONE thing is how we do MOST things”… meaning that we are habitual beings.  When we take an audit of our life, we tend to notice that patterns of behavior, similar ways of thinking, and consistent results tend to show up in many areas of our lives.  This is true for both desired results a
nd also for undesired results. (aka things we want and things we do not want).


It can be frustrating when you take action towards something yet feel stuck, blocked, or get a result that is opposite from what you are wanting to create.By getting laser clear on your desires, aligning with the end result, and taking inspired action towards them will dramatically and positively affect ALL areas of our life.




Results are contingent on each client and their personal desires, however here are some results that many of Michele’s clients experience:


Some of her Rock-Star Clients include:




With all her coaching packages, not only are you receiving personalized coaching, Michele is also teaching you the leadership tools and strategies that will enable you to more effectively lead yourself and others.
Clients say “it is an extremely empowering, enlightening, and transformational journey”….”Get ready to up your game!”


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